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How a product consulting firm to some of the world’s biggest brands learned how to grow again.

One trusted advisor, in search

By many measures, the AIM Institute was a runaway success.

It was helping large B2B organizations — like Dow Chemical, DuPont, GE, Owens Corning, and The Sherwin-Williams Company — grow, teaching them innovative ways to produce and launch new products. It also taught these market standouts how to avoid costly risks, squandered R&D, and missed opportunities.

AIM’s president was known around the globe. And thanks to robust demand for repeat business, the firm’s pipeline was full.

Yet AIM’s growth trajectory was flat.

While AIM was doing a terrific job helping to invigorate its clients’ fortunes, it was languishing at home. Referrals and word-of-mouth activity were only delivering a trickle of new clients. Prospective buyers had little visibility into the firm’s impact on B2B innovation. Nor could prospects see the depth and breadth of Fortune 1000 experience AIM had in its product development training team.

AIM, a trusted advisor to Fortune 1000 firms, needed outside expertise to help them identify and solve their own growth problems. Read on…

Building a long-term relationship of trust

AIM began a slow and steady relationship with Hinge. Its president, Dan Adams, enrolled in The Visible Firm, a course available at Hinge University. Impressed with Hinge’s approach to growth, AIM engaged Hinge to conduct a brand research study to better understand its audience. These insights were incorporated into a series of day-long workshops and training sessions on differentiation and positioning, marketing strategy, business development, and marketing tactics.

Over time, Hinge overhauled AIM’s website, produced a series of video blogs, managed paid LinkedIn ad campaigns, developed an e-book promotion strategy, and supported AIM’s marketing program in a wide variety of ways. Today, AIM still travels to Hinge’s headquarters for quarterly advisory sessions.

How did this long-term relationship pay off for The AIM Institute? Read on to find out…

“Hinge is truly a trusted advisory team for us. They provide the tools, methods, and training for us to grow our firm in the same way we help our clients develop and launch products.”

Dan Adams, President, The AIM Institute

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A brand launch that takes trust to the highest levels

During an audit of AIM’s website and marketing materials, Hinge noticed that the firm’s messaging was flat and undifferentiated — in stark contrast to AIM’s dynamic leadership and outstanding consulting successes. So we helped them craft a powerful story that captured the essence and benefits of their expertise.

Today, a reinvigorated AIM unmatched expertise and experience in blueprinting and launching B2B products.

The firm’s year-over-year growth is exceeding 30%. Its reputation has only become stronger — more than 70% of AIM’s clients are global 1000 firms. It is so sure of its process that if an engagement fails to meet a client’s expectations, they client doesn’t have to pay. That’s a confident brand!

6 months after the launch of their new website...

What we did

Visible Firm Strategy

  • Benchmarking
  • Client Research
  • Differentiator Identification
  • Marketing Audit
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Positioning

Visible Firm Implementation

  • Email Design
  • Explainer Video Production
  • LinkedIn and Adwords Advertising
  • Monthly Reporting & Advice
  • Training and Workshops
  • Video Blog Production

High-Performance Website

  • Design
  • Offer Strategy
  • Online Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Development
  • Writing

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