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Get your strategy right

When today’s buyers seek out legal services, they discover a marketplace that is fragmented, undifferentiated and confusing.

Hinge can help you position your firm or practice to stand apart from your competitors—and set up a modern legal services marketing program that builds visibility and credibility, while expanding your reach to audiences that would never have found you before. Best of all, our strategy is built on something you already have in spades: expertise.

The result? More leads, faster growth and higher profits.

An evidence-based approach to legal marketing

At Hinge, we base our legal services marketing strategy and advice on our growing body of research into high-growth firms and what they do differently. We’ve interviewed or surveyed over 40,000 owners, practitioners and buyers of professional services—including hundreds in the legal industry.

Some of this research into law firms we make available to the public (for free and for purchase), but only our clients get access to our full industry insights and expertise.

What we’ve found is that legal marketing is rapidly changing, and the fastest growing firms are doing things differently. We’ll guide you through everything you need to compete and thrive.

A few of our legal services clients

Find and keep top talent

The competition for top legal talent is stiff, and the Great Resignation has made keeping good people even harder. Hinge can help you develop the employer branding strategies, techniques and messaging you need to attract the best candidates, while encouraging your professionals to stay and build your organization.

Hinge can help in many ways

Every firm and practice is different. That’s why we offer a spectrum of services and programs to help you to strengthen you legal services marketing program:

  • Research
  • Differentiation and positioning
  • Messaging
  • Proven, modern marketing plans and programs
  • Exciting new visibility, growth and profitability
  • Memorable visual brand
  • Beautiful but powerful lead-generating website
  • Thought leadership writing
  • Elevated attorney visibility
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Beautiful growth stories

Personality differentiates a Chicago law firm’s website.

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A global law firm builds its attorneys’ Visible Expertise.

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Four programs designed to help you grow

Built on over 10 years of groundbreaking research into the best-performing professional services firms.

The Visible Firm<sup>®</sup>

The Visible Firm®

Drive more referrals, leads, revenues and profits

The Visible Expert<sup>®</sup>

The Visible Expert®

Become a star in your industry



Command your market’s attention

High Performance Website

High Performance Website

Make your website a growth engine

Financial performance of high-growth legal services firms

Source: High Growth Study, Hinge Research Institute

Faster growth than average

Higher profits than average

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