Marketing research services for professional services firms

Research: the high-growth firm’s secret weapon

Knowledge is power. Firms that conduct marketing research regularly are highly attuned to their market’s evolving challenges and priorities. And they have a distinct competitive advantage.

Why? Because these firms:

  • See emerging opportunities sooner
  • Know what truly differentiates them in the marketplace
  • Understand how their audience behaves and what motivates them to buy
  • Always know what issues their audience want them to write and talk about
  • Understand how they measure up against top competitors

And that just scratches the surface.

At Hinge, we conduct a wide range of marketing research services to help firms like yours obtain the critical, up-to-the-minute information you need to identify what’s holding you back, uncover powerful opportunities and build engagement like never before.

Did you know?

Firms that conduct research grow up to 10X faster and are almost 2X more profitable.

Source: The Hinge Research Institute’s High Growth Study

Why Hinge’s research is different

Using both qualitative and quantitative techniques, we go beyond data collection and dig into your buyers’ habits and motivations:

  • How they learn about potential solutions to their problems
  • How they look for a service provider
  • What they want in a professional services firm
  • How they they make their buying decisions

Using this research—and our deep knowledge of your industry—we can help you tell your firm’s story in a differentiated and compelling way. And build a powerful marketing program that reflects how your buyers think and make decisions.

When do you need research?

  • When your firm is launching a new service
  • When you’re looking to select verticals to concentrate on and specialize in
  • When you’re developing your organizational strategy
  • When your firm is seeing a diminishing market share
  • When your industry environment is changing
  • When your firm needs to accelerate growth or profitability


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A powerful suite of marketing research services

Hinge’s research team delivers a wide range of marketing research services. And we customize each project to fit your situation and budget.

Brand Research

Learn how you are perceived in the marketplace and where your opportunities lie.

Client Research

Discover what your clients and prospects want and how you can deliver it to perfection.

Market Research

Find out who your true competitors are, what services you should be offering—and much more.

Custom Research

If you have specialized needs, we can design a custom research study to answer any question you may have—from gathering intel on your competitors to surveying prices in your marketplace.

Client Satisfaction Research

How happy are your clients with your work and service? As an impartial third party, we can get the real story.

Client Journey Research

Understand how people find, learn to trust, buy and use your services. Use this information to reduce friction in the buying process, improve your closing rate and raise your service standards.

Client Personas Research

Who are the people who buy your services or influence those who make the final decision? What messages do they need to hear? Personas research identifies and profiles them so your marketing can be more effective.

The industry’s most authoritative benchmarks put your numbers in context

Hinge has surveyed over 45,000 professionals, firms and buyers of services. From this trove of data, we compile benchmarks so you can see how you stack up against your industry peers across a range of metrics. This information is available nowhere else.

Experienced team

Our research team is led by Lee Frederiksen, Ph.D., a behavioral psychologist and a highly respected researcher with over 30 years of research experience. The team includes:

  • Data analysts
  • Professional interviewers
  • Survey designers
  • Data visualization specialists

Turn your research into your biggest marketing asset

Research can enhance your marketing in more ways than you think. Ask us how you can use custom or licensed research as an engagement magnet and lead generator.


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