Paid media marketing services

The fastest way to get ahead

When you need results in a hurry, nothing performs like paid media advertising. It’s fast to deploy, easy to test and optimize, and incredibly flexible.

Whether you need to appear at the top of search results for a difficult strategic keyword, promote your firm at an industry event, or generate more downloads for a piece of content, paid search, social, and display advertising let you hit the ground running. And these techniques can be a great way to build long-term visibility and lead generation, too.
But it’s easy to do it wrong.

At Hinge, we have years of experience deploying high-performing, paid media marketing services for professional services firms across a wide range of industries. Our seasoned team of technical marketers, social media experts, strategists, designers, and professional writers do all the heavy lifting for you—and we’ll regularly report on your campaign’s performance and next steps.

Find Out if Digital Ads Are Right for You

Why paid digital advertising?

Digital advertising offers many appealing benefits. Whether used alone or as part of a larger campaign, online advertising is powerful and relatively easy to get up and running. While each platform works a little differently, most deliver advantages that simply aren’t available in traditional advertising or marketing programs.

  • Highly flexible budgets—lower cost
  • Reaches people anywhere they have a device
  • Quick to set up and deploy
  • Ideal for testing and optimization
  • Highly detailed targeting to a wide range of demographics
  • Easy to pause
  • Real-time analytics
  • ROI easy to measure

How we do it. Better.

Nobody knows professional services like Hinge. That’s because we’ve spent the last fifteen years conducting research on the habits of buyers and sellers of services—with a special focus on firms that grow much faster than average. And we’ve learned a thing or two about performance.

We bring this knowledge to your paid digital advertising, and we’ll design your strategy with everything we’ve learned in mind. From the channels we recommend to the specific audiences to target, we bring the perspective of today’s high-growth firms to your campaigns.

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Let us handle the hard stuff

Paid digital advertising is simple in concept but complex to carry out. Working in close collaboration with you, Hinge can handle all the details for you.


  • Analysis of your current paid advertising, if any
  • Channels, such paid search, paid social, display advertising, retargeting, etc.
  • Target audiences, such as job titles, company size, industry sectors, geographic location, even specific companies
  • Recommended budget by day, week, and/or month
  • Strategy for testing and optimizing
  • Keyword research
  • Creative and landing page recommendations

Campaign Setup:

  • Media buying and management
  • Setup of Ad Campaign Manager (or equivalent) for each channel
  • Implementation of keywords
  • Writing of ad copy, including headlines, body copy, title tags, alts tags
  • Design of graphics or other creative elements
  • Design and development of video, if applicable
  • Writing and creation of landing pages

Delivery and Reporting:

  • Activation of campaigns
  • Daily monitoring of ad performance
  • Regular dashboard reporting
  • Comparison to benchmarks

Ready to drive more visibility and performance with paid digital advertising?