Custom Research Studies

If you are looking for the ultimate in thought leadership—the kind that delivers the timely insights your audience can’t find anywhere else—custom research reigns supreme.

Produce a pivotal study of your own

The Hinge Research Institute can design, conduct and publish a research study built to uncover the insights that are most relevant to your audience.

Best of all, we handle most of the hard work. Our team will:

  • Design the study
  • Draft the research questions
  • Write the emails
  • Conduct the interviews and/or set up the surveys
  • Compile and analyze the data
  • Write the study, including practical takeaways
  • Design and lay out the report
  • Help promote the study to your target audience

Of course, nobody knows your audience better than you, so we invite you to work closely with our team.


How we promote your study

Producing a research report isn’t enough. You need to get it in front of your audience and entice them to obtain a copy. Here are some of the way the Hinge Research Institute can help promote your new study:

  • Promote it to our email list of up to 60,000 professional services professionals*
  • Produce a webinar that highlights key findings
  • Ghost write one or more blog posts about the research
  • Share the research on social media
  • Design an infographic that highlights salient data
  • Develop a “Fact Pack” datasheet to send to journalists and other media outlets
  • Produce a guide or other piece of content that features the research

*If we promote to specific industry segments, the list size will be smaller.


Want to learn more about custom research?